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Notebooks, pencils, measuring tools, and other educational gear.

Sessions are available online to anyone. In-person sessions may be available if you are in the Silicon Valley area. Please contact us for more information.

Descriptions of available 1:1 coaching and counseling offerings are below to help you find the right service for you. When you're ready to book, click the button below!

Looking for online or live in-person and virtual courses for students, parents, and professionals? Please visit our Courses page to discover other learning opportunities!

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Online Consultation

Not sure exactly which services you need? Want to meet the counselor/coach before scheduling your first class? Want to check in on your student’s progress with their counselor/coach? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss parent/student goals and progress.

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Student Services (K - 12th Grade & College)

Academic & Executive Function Coaching​
  • Investigate student’s roadblocks to academic success and set goals for improvement

  • Develop customized strategies to overcome obstacles

  • Review homework assignments and assist student in understanding instructions/prompts

  • Collaborate with student to create individualized plans for working independently between sessions

  • Strengthen student’s time management, organization, and study skills

  • Develop resiliency skills and promote growth mindset

  • Additional tutoring support may be available depending on subject, level, and student goals. This may include:

    • Homework help​

    • Standardized test prep

    • Preparing catch-up lessons for students who are struggling

    • Creating advanced lessons for students already performing well who want to get ahead

Student Services
College & Career Counseling with Essay Support
  • Meet with student to assess strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as understand student’s unique academic needs and passions

  • Meet with student and parent(s) to discuss goals and strategies for high school academics and extracurriculars, with a focus on college and career readiness

  • Guide student in finding and completing applications for exceptional learning opportunities, such as internships, research, and programs for advancing academic and leadership skills

  • Navigate student through the full college application cycle, including planning, applications, financial aid, and scholarships

  • Guide student in researching colleges and graduate schools and developing a list of schools for application

  • Support development of application essays and short answers from ideation and outlining through final edits and review
  • For students not planning to attend a 4-year college or university immediately after high school graduation, provide coaching on exploring and planning for a gap year, community college, and other alternatives

Parent Servces
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Parent Services

Parent Coaching
  • Develop personalized parenting strategies that promote harmony at home and support your children's success

  • Equip parents with effective communication techniques to foster strong relationships with children, helping them navigate academic challenges and behavioral issues

  • Provide resilience-building strategies and empower you through the challenges of parenting to create a thriving family environment

Executive Function & Resiliency Coaching
  • Explore time management strategies and techniques, enabling you to boost productivity, prioritize tasks, and achieve personal and professional goals

  • Develop critical decision-making skills, including problem-solving and goal-setting, empowering you to make informed choices and overcome challenges in your personal and professional life

  • Impart tools to manage stress, cope with adversity, and build resilience, enabling you to navigate life's ups and downs with confidence and finesse

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