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We offer two engaging formats to fit your learning style: live courses and on-demand options.


Experience the power of real-time feedback and connection with our live classes, some available online and some in-person.


Or work at your own pace with the flexibility of self-directed learning.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of each, or click one of the buttons below to get started.

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Live Courses

Available online or in person (in the Silicon Valley Area)

  • Dynamic:  Interact with our experts and fellow learners, fostering a vibrant learning community.

  • Immediate Feedback:  Get your questions answered in real time and receive personalized guidance.

  • Structured Learning:  Benefit from a pre-defined schedule that keeps you motivated and on track.

  • Boosted Motivation:  Stay energized by the interactive format and live discussions.

  • Build Community:  Connect with other participants, build relationships, and gain valuable insights.

We offer Live Courses in the following focus areas, although not all classes are always available:


  • Coming Soon!


  • Mindful Parenting (individual workshops and full course)

On-Demand Courses

  • Ultimate Flexibility:  Learn whenever and wherever fits into your busy lifestyle.

  • Review & Repeat:  Revisit specific modules or rewind instructional videos for deeper understanding.

  • Self-Directed Learning:  Progress at your own pace, catering to your individual learning style. Note that some on-demand courses may still have specific deadlines (ex. for college applications).

  • Cost-Effective:  A more affordable option, allowing you to learn on your own terms.

  • Lifetime Access: Most of our on-demand courses offer permanent access, allowing you to revisit materials as needed. Please see each course for information on length of access.

We offer On-Demand Courses in the following focus areas:


  • College Applications (Coming Soon!)


  • Mindful Parenting -- Send us a note on our Contact page to learn more about this option.

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Better yet, send us a note on our Contact page to tell us what you'd like to see next!

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