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About Sol Success

About Us

Sol Success empowers frustrated, confused, or burnt-out students and parents to create harmony at home and success in academic and professional environments. We provide a holistic approach to education and family support, offering private tutoring, academic and executive function coaching, college counseling, and now, parent coaching services. We encourage children, teens, and adults to cultivate discovery and meet challenges with resilience.

Janice Solasteas

Janice Solasteas

Owner, Tutor & Coach


The Ohio State University – Bachelor of Arts, Theatre – Magna Cum Laude – 2009

Janice Solasteas has been teaching students of all ages in a variety of fields and subjects for two decades. With hundreds of tutoring and coaching sessions under her belt, Janice creates engaging and effective individualized coaching plans that empower clients and students to achieve academic, professional, and parenting success. Janice’s college counseling students are regularly accepted into their first-choice target schools, and she continues to provide transformative support in education and personal development.

  • Teacher Certification, English, SAT, ACT – C2 Education – 2016

  • College Essay Certification – C2 Education – 2016

  • AP Exam Certification – C2 Education – 2021

Nicholas Solasteas

Nicholas Solasteas

Tutor & Counselor


Santa Clara University – Bachelor of Science, Political Science (International Relations) – 2011

De Anza College – Associates of Arts, Liberal Arts (Social & Behavioral Sciences) – 2009

Nicholas Solasteas has guided over 50 bright young students through college applications, AP exams and challenging social science courses. Nick specializes in helping students write their stories and make a powerful impression on college admissions teams. By designing each session around the goals and interests of the student, Nick instills a deeper understanding of the subject, leading to higher scores and lower stress. Nick’s students are frequently admitted (both as freshmen and transfers) into their dream schools, including the UCs and Top 50 universities.

  • Teacher Certification, English, Social Sciences, SAT, ACT – C2 Education 2016

  • College Counseling Certification – C2 Education – 2019

  • High School Test Analysis Certification – C2 Education – 2019



Within 2 years, Janice has really helped me to develop and grow my English reading and writing skills. Not only have I made significant progress, but I also feel more confident with my abilities. Janice really knows how to hone in on a specific topic you are struggling with and guide you on the right path. Not only is she intelligent in basically all English skills, but she is also patient by assisting the student to come to the right answer rather than feeding us the answer. This way the student feels more confident and has acquired new knowledge with their own abilities. With Janice's constant positive attitude and compassion, practicing for the SAT started to feel more fun and engaging rather than boring and arduous.


11th Grade

Janice is an excellent tutor - professional, kind, and knowledgeable. We feel so fortunate that she has tutored our two high school sons through 10, 11th and 12th grade honors and regular English where they have made tremendous progress as writers under her guidance. With her thoughtful and individualized approach, Janice excels at helping each student clarify their thoughts and ideas, dig deeper into these ideas, and then express them in organized and well edited essays. My boys have all positive experiences working with Janice. She’s made a world of difference in their thinking and writing skills, and their English grades.



I worked with Nick for over three years, and I can’t say enough how wonderful it was working with him! He is an excellent counselor who really takes the time to get to know people, learns more about their goals, provides insightful advice, and pushes them to succeed. On top of all of that, he is personable and comfortable to talk to. Look no further for your counseling needs!



Contact with satisfied customers can be arranged upon request. 

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