About Sol Success

Janice Solasteas, Teacher & Coach at Sol Success, has been teaching and training students of all ages in a variety of fields and subjects for over a decade. Janice has tutored dozens of Silicon Valley’s brightest students in English and math, as well as professional and life skills, since 2016, working with parents and students to identify and push for their unique goals. Many of Janice’s students have gone on to attend UCs and other schools ranked in the nation’s Top 50 colleges.


Janice’s engaging and effective individualized lessons encourage students to find connections between what they’re learning in school and the skills needed both to get into top schools and later to launch their careers. Janice’s holistic approach teaches students how to take ownership of their grades, test scores, college decisions and career goals. By showing them how to analyze resources and develop action plans, Janice empowers students to harness their desire for success and cultivate resilience to thrive in Silicon Valley’s highly competitive environment.

Detailed Teaching Experience

As an Honors student at The Ohio State University, Janice co-founded and ran the Urban Renaissance outreach program from 2007-2009, bringing high-energy, English literacy workshops to elementary schools in Columbus’s ESL communities.


After graduating Magna Cum Laude and moving to the Silicon Valley in 2009, Janice taught filmmaking and video game design classes in elementary schools all over the Bay Area, guiding students through the writing and producing process to bring their stories to life.

Janice extended her teaching experience to include adults in 2011. As Front of House Manager for San Jose Repertory Theatre, she recruited, trained, and supervised over 500 new and continuing volunteers ranging in age from 16 to 96. In addition to creating easy-to-follow training materials, she cultivated excellent customer service through formal training sessions and on-the-job mentorship.


In 2012, Janice partnered with the executive team at San Jose Repertory Theatre to develop and implement SJ REAL, a program that provided professional mentorship and resources for emerging theatre artists in Silicon Valley to propel their scripts from conception to production.


While working at Vocera Communications, Janice designed and launched the company’s new internship program in 2016, partnering with hiring managers and the HR team to develop meaningful learning opportunities for high-achieving high school and college students.


From 2016 to 2019, Janice worked with History San Jose to offer engaging immersive history programs to thousands of Silicon Valley students, teaching collaboration and contextual thinking skills.



Within 2 years, Janice has really helped me to develop and grow my English reading and writing skills. Not only have I made significant progress, but I also feel more confident with my abilities. Janice really knows how to hone in on a specific topic you are struggling with and guide you on the right path. Not only is she intelligent in basically all English skills, but she is also patient by assisting the student to come to the right answer rather than feeding us the answer. This way the student feels more confident and has acquired new knowledge with their own abilities. With Janice's constant positive attitude and compassion, practicing for the SAT started to feel more fun and engaging rather than boring and arduous.


11th Grade

In every session, Janice has been reliable and extremely helpful in improving my English skills. Not only is she prepared with a specialized curriculum for every student, but she also finds a way to balance her students’ interests with learning English. Janice has coached me to a 790 in the SAT English section, and a 36 in both English and Reading on the ACT. Her instruction has proven to be invaluable to my schoolwork.


11th Grade

I love working with Janice. When I re-entered the workforce, I was concerned that my resume was outdated and stale. Not only did Janice show me how to rework my resume so that it was more appealing to employers, she went line-by-line and helped me come up with the best language possible. She is a delightful person, and she knows her stuff. I always recommend her to friends who need to update their resumes--Janice knows what employers want and will work with you every step of the way.


Adult Education

Janice is an excellent tutor - professional, kind, and knowledgeable. We feel so fortunate that she has tutored our two high school sons through 10, 11th and 12th grade honors and regular English where they have made tremendous progress as writers under her guidance. With her thoughtful and individualized approach, Janice excels at helping each student clarify their thoughts and ideas, dig deeper into these ideas, and then express them in organized and well edited essays. My boys have all positive experiences working with Janice. She’s made a world of difference in their thinking and writing skills, and their English grades.



Janice is a wonderful tutor. She is very patient with each person individually. Whenever you do something wrong, she goes through the problem together with you and helps guide you until you get the right answer, never giving the answer herself. Ever since I have started getting tutored by her, my writing has proficiently increased and so has my mentality towards it.


11th Grade

Janice, thanks for always helping me with grammar, spelling, reading and writing. Thank you for always being so nice to me, even when I don't understand something. It really helps when you help me on the reading questions by going through it. The thing I like most about you is your really cool hair. You're also really funny. Thanks for being my teacher!


7th Grade

Hey Janice, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me learn all the English grammar that I forgot about! I really appreciate the time and effort you give back to make sure I get the concepts down.


10th Grade

Thank you Janice for being a great tutor! I always enjoy your funny stories, they make me laugh. :) Thanks for being patient with me in regards to my English skills.


10th Grade

Janice really helped me learn reading analysis and grammar. The thing I like most about her is her willingness to work with me and help me to improve. Three words that describe her are caring, energetic, and vocal.


11th Grade

Janice, you're such a nice person and helped me learn a lot with my grammar. This summer is going to be amazing because we have college essays to write. Woohoo! Well, I mean I have to write them, but you are going to help me.


11th Grade

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